We Have Launched Sock Life!

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We have finally launched!

After weeks of planing and building we have finally launched the site. The best part? we’ve got over 50 products already added but have another 50 products to be added over the next couple of weeks. Currently there are a ton of cat socks, dog socks, monkey socks, different animal socks and more!

To launch, we’re also doing a special with all socks only $9.95 with free shipping WORLDWIDE. Pretty amazing huh? So order up before the end of April when the special ends. During this time, all the new products that are added will be at this discount as well.

So where are we based? Melbourne! So you’re getting the best possible service at the cheapest prices. We have launched with a goal to make sure we have 100% satisfaction with our customers.

We’re currently offering 10% off new orders to anyone who subscribes! So subscribe below to save a further 10%.

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