Wear Crazy Socks and Be Successful!

Wear Crazy Socks and Be Successful

If you wear crazy socks will you be successful? They can be pug socks, animal socks, cat socks, lama socks or monkey socks but they all have one thing in common.

It takes one confident individual to wear a pair of funny socks in work OR in public. But these people who do, are against the norm of black/white plain socks.

These crazy sock wearers are the leaders in today’s economic climate and revolt against the uniformed society that takes place our workforce.

These people don’t let the normal standards dictate what they should put on their feet. Especially when those people aren’t confident enough themselves to wear crazy pug faced socks.

But when push comes to shove, sitting in a dreaded 3×3 room being interviewed, who do you think HR will hire?

Math Lama Socks

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